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Museum and Flautt Addition

A tour of the Jersey County Historical Society Museum offers an extraordinary glimpse of the past.

The Transportation Room

The transportation room includes a variety of vehicles from the past 150 years, including an 1880 racing sleigh, 1909 Sears Motor Buggy, and a 1916 Model T Ford.

The Domestic Rooms

Our museum includes several domestic rooms.

The kitchen contains an impressive array of antique kitchen gadgets and staples, including a crystal radio, hand crank coffee grinder, and apple corer.

The laundry room houses an interesting collection of laundry accessories from throughout the years, including vintage gas, steam, and charcoal irons; rug beaters; and washboards.

The loom room contains a beautiful handmade walnut loom constructed by Benjamin Stith for his wife in the mid-1880s; more than a dozen quilts, some dating back to the 1800s; a 1912 Singer sewing machine; and one of Bissell’s earliest carpet sweepers.

The wedding room showcases wedding gowns dating back to the late 1800s, one for each decade over the past 120 years. One of the more beautiful items gracing this room is an intricate veil made by Frantiska Kazimour for her wedding in 1842 to Frantisek Kalal.

The Military Room

The military room contains an impressive array of military memorabilia, including medals, Confederacy money, uniforms, and other items dating from the Civil war to the present.

There is also a tribute to former Jersey County resident Russell Dunham, one of only 324 men awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II.

The Flautt Addition

The Flautt Addition, made possible through the generosity of Les Flautt, contains a fascinating collection of radios, clocks, toys, walking canes, housewares, and a street vendor’s 1902 popcorn wagon, which Mr. Flautt restored himself.

This section of the museum also houses one of the most extensive collections of Indian artifacts in Illinois and a mammoth bone and tooth found near Otterville in Jersey County.

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